Poll Time

I’m having a hard time coming up with something to talk about in a post lately… so vote and tell me what you want to hear about! Feel free to just add comments and ask questions about things you want to know!



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5 responses to “Poll Time

  1. Deanne

    1) Grocery shopping – grocery store
    2) Traveling to “town” – via transport (cost, road conditions, vehicle, etc)
    3) Rain – amount that falls at one time
    4) Seasons – how they are opposite of ours (summer in Fiji is winter in the states, etc)
    5) How you purchase clothing
    6) What you do for entertainment
    7) How when you arrived in your village you didn’t have internet available and you would have to go in to town to communicate with others and now you are able to get internet from within your own village home
    8) What do you miss most from the states (that you took for granted)
    9) Now that you know you will be ending your service in Fiji (within a year), what are you most excited about to come back to the states to live? In comparison what do you fear most about coming back to the states?
    10) Since you’ve been in Fiji – what are the things that you did in the states that you had to put on hold while in Fiji that you will have to relearn or figure out when you return to the states (for example driving, pumping gas, using a “smart” phone and dealing with the variety of everything that is available to you.

  2. Nicole

    I like Deanne’s ideas about what you miss most about the states, what you are looking forward to about your future after PC, and what you think will be the hardest to readjust to when you return?

  3. Michael Matthews

    In the long run, how do you think your service will benefit 1. You and 2. The island and the people?

  4. Grandma

    I am wondering if you are looking forward to your return here, or dreading starting all over again with a new life. Also, when you have to go to get medical help, and you are so sick—-is that the several hour and expensive journey? P.S. Go Broncos!

  5. Thank you all for your interest! I will try to work through all these questions in the near future! As always, if there is ever anything you need/want to know about the Peace Corps, Fiji, or me, ask away!

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