Fifteen Minutes of Fame

So, any of you who link up with my Facebook on occasion probably  caught a glimpse of the slew of attached articles and shared posts from the Peace Corps page and the Peace Corps at Western Washington University.  The news broke on Tuesday February 5th (the 6th out here) that three Washington State Universities led the nation in their respective size categories for current number of Peace Corps Volunteers.


Large Universities: University of Washington- 107 currently serving alumni

Medium Universities: Western Washington Universities- 73 currently serving alumni

Small Universities: Gonzaga- 24 currently serving alumni


Right now there are approximately 8,000 Peace Corps Volunteers serving in 76 countries. I am so proud of Western and so happy to be counted amongst the currently serving alumni that represent Washington!


I was contacted a few days before the news came out from a reporter at the Seattle Times asking me to do an interview for the Higher Education section of the ST as a currently serving Peace Corps Volunteer as an alumni of WWU.



Later that afternoon I had been invited to Skype in to an event at WWU with the President of WWU, Bruce Shepard and the Acting Director of the Peace Corps, Carrie Hessler-Radelet. It was a great chance to share my story about a current volunteer’s perspective on serving in the Peace Corps and see my old school!  It was a great hour and ended hilariously with a Tsunami warning from the Peace Corps office… There was an 8.0 earthquake off the Solomon Islands which triggered a tsunami nearby and Fiji was on standby for an impending tsunami. I heard all this commotion outside my house and 4 people ended up at my door as the village headman was going around making an announcement. I started talking to the people outside (all the while on call with WWU) and eventually learned about the tsunami at the same time I got a text from our office warning us to get to high ground. I rushed back to my computer and literally interrupted the director to say, “I’m sorry but I literally have to run, we have a tsunami warning!” awesome ending to the skype session telling them what its really like to be a PCV!



Since that whirlwind day, I was contacted by the magazine that WWU publishes and they want to use information from my original press release and blog to feature me in a story about the Peace Corps Alum from WWU in their upcoming issue in May.


I was also contacted by an RPCV  professor from Western to skype into a class on Marine Conservation yesterday to talk about the type of work I do here and how it relates to local marine conservation. The digital copy of the class is here:


So this is all included in my 15 minutes of fame. Its exciting to feel like a Peace Corps poster child from WWU, I love Western and am so proud to have graduated from such an incredible University that really fosters the development of globally minded individuals. So that being said- GO VIKINGS!



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