Welcome to the World!

Welcome to the World


And open your eyes to all the beautiful people, places and things that exist here!


Congratulations are in order to my sister and her husband on their first son, Cooper Jay Wolk! Born on 12/12/12. He is a lucky baby boy and I can’t wait to see who he grows up to be.


I got the call at around 8 at night that they were at the hospital and had been admitted, so I made myself a cup of coffee and settled in for a long night of drinking grog to stay awake for the news! He was born at 3:15am on the 13th Fiji time which is 8:15am on the 12th back there. I had just finished up drinking grog at a second house to go home and make myself a pack of ramen noodles before heading off to sleep.  So at the time he was born, I was sitting in my house, eating a bowl of curry flavored ramen noodles and watching an old episode of  “The Walking Dead” for the 3rd time. I got a call around 4:30am my time letting me know everyone was fine. I was called again at 730am to skype with my sister and her husband and to see Cooper!  He is a little chubster and super adorable, but then again I am a little biased.


So naturally I will give a little info about what the Fijian traditions are here.


Naming- In Fiji children are named after family members so the fact that his middle name is Jay, my fathers name, is really convenient! It would be difficult to explain that we don’t typically follow that custom in the States. I actually get sympathetic looks when people find out I’m not named after someone.


More Naming- So My sister in Fijian would be called Na or Nau (mother) her husband, Jason,  is  Ta or Tata. My Mom (Cooper’s Grandma) would be called Bu, My father and Jason’s Fathers would be called Tukai (Grandfather). Since I am younger than my sister, Cooper would call me Na Lailai which means small mother. Jason’s sister would be called Nei (Aunt- because Jason is male- his female siblings have a different relationship than the male siblings… it gets complicated, just take my word for it!) Jason’s sisters husband would be Momo (Uncle) and their Children would call Cooper Tavale which is a joking cousin relationship.  If I ever had children the would call Cooper Drau, which means brother or sister.


So since this is the first child, there would be a feast held 4 or 10 days after the birth depending on his Chiefly status. If he was descended from a Chiefly family he would have his feast 10 days after.


Also the mother and child may sometimes be kept inside for those 4 or 10 days, not touched by the sun, etc.


So another thing with the umbilical cord, whoever is holding the child when it falls will have to provide a feast for the family. Many times the Chief or someone of a high and respected status will carry the baby non stop to ensure that role.


In some regions in Fiji, not here, the mothers are expected to bathe in the sea for 4 nights.


But enough of all that! Cooper is here, gorgeous, and healthy. Congratulations again and best of luck to the new parents, I cant wait to meet my little nephew.






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