Old Capital Heritage Group Presents….

An offer for you to purchase a culturally awesome Christmas or Hanukah gift for your loved ones this season while creating an environmentally sustainable future for the village of Natokalau!

Natokalau Village’s band, the Old Capital Heritage group is providing you, yes you! With a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase 2 of their CD’s as holiday gifts this year.  For each purchase, the profits go to the village band to support their families and children’s school fees and the band has agreed to plant 20 mangrove seeds in the village to increase protection of our Marine Protected Area. Mangroves provide nursery habitat for many  fish and invertebrate  species, vertical structure in the near shore area, filter out wastes from the rivers before they enter the marine protected area, and protect the foreshore of the village during tropical cyclones and adverse weather. Do your part this holiday season to offset some of the negative impacts of climate change on a local level!

There are 3 options:

  1. The Band’s DVD- $20 USD. Watch the band perform 10 of their great hits around the tanoa (yaqona bowl) while Vili Sega does a meke (Fijian Dance) to the first song. 10 songs included on the DVD
  2. The Band’s Newest CD- $25 USD. Listen to 12 wonderful Fijian songs, including the song proposed for Levuka becoming a World Heritage Site.
  3. Purchase both discs for $35 USD.

*** Prices Include shipping to wherever you may live

All the profits return directly to improve village livelihood and ecological sustainability. Do your part this holiday season!

The Band Playing in Levuka Town on Fiji Day

The Band Playing in Levuka Town on Fiji Day

The Band Playing in Levuka Town on Fiji Day

The Band Playing in Levuka Town on Fiji Day

Lolomas from the Old Capital Heritage Group!

Band DVD/CD Combo- $35 USD Click Below!

Band CD- $25 USD Click Below!

Band DVD $20 USD Click Below!


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