The Natokalau Village Composting Piggery Project has officially been funded by the United Nations Development Programme, Small Grants Programme, Global Environment Fund (or the UNDP SGP GEF).


I officially got the news on November 8th when I was making my way back from a village interior of Nadi (blog on that to come) to go back to Suva for the yearly Lomaiviti (my province) festival in Suva. It was a whirlwind hectic crazy day of phone calls but by 3pm I found out.


For those of who don’t know what this project is, there is an entire blog about the Composting Piggery, so please do check it out!


We have decided to put off starting the project until January since it is too difficult to maintain momentum and commitments during the holiday season in Fiji which essentially runs from December 1st to January 15th. So why stress?


UNDP actually doubled the amount of money that the village had originally requested for this project, when does that happen? Well since they are considering it a pilot project to potentially initiate more projects like it in the future, there is a huge budget for me to create manuals, posters, pamphlets, etc. in English and Fijian so that they can be distributed to the Provincial Offices, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health.


So after working on the proposals for the past 7 months, we finally have it. We finally have it! I cant wait to update you all about the progress and unavoidable roadblocks that occur along the way.


Will update you all soon about the rest of the village going-ons!

Moce Mada.



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3 responses to “FUNDED!

  1. Marcia Arnold

    Yea Samantha!! GREAT WORK!!

  2. Deanne

    Congratulations! You have done a lot of work already on this project.

  3. Tim

    Way to fight for it, Samantha. I am glad that they saw your vision and supported it. May it go well.

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