What Do I Do??

What do I do?

So I posted something similar to this while going through our Pre-Service Training when we actually had something that resembled a schedule, and ever since I got to site I have been trying to figure out the best way to post about my schedule at site because it is so fluid and changes all the time. So I think Ill break it down like this…

Every day:

  •  5:30-6am Wake up. This depends on when the roosters start their cawing and how loud my neighbors are on any given morning.
  • 6-6:10am morning bath. I don’t wash my hair in the morning because it would never dry, I wash it at night so it can dry while I’m sleeping. This is a cold bath, if I feel really hard working or patient I will boil water and take a bucket bath so its not as cold.
  • 6:10-6:15am sweep my house with the sasa broom while my water for coffee is boiling.
  • 6:30am drink my coffee and eat breakfast while sitting on my front stoop (usually oats with dates and a bit of sugar and some fruits I have around) I watch the kids walk by on their way to school, sometimes they have me check homework before they leave, etc. This process usually ends around 7:40am after a few cups of coffee and innumerable short conversations with people walking by starting their days.

That is really all I can say about some semblance of a daily schedule, after breakfast anything goes so that leads me into the Weekly Schedule.



  • 7-9pm Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) meetings. This is a group of all the village Methodist youths (Youth is considered around 18-35ish). I go to the meetings sometimes. The larger group is broken up into 4 subgroups and are called mataveitokani. They each take a week to “run” the MYF meetings which can range from singing competitions, bible studies, workshops, etc.  I like the singing competitions best.
  • 9-???  Grog. There is always grog after the MYF in the valekau (a fellowship hall behind the vakatawa (pastors) house) we usually have a relaxed choir practice, discussions about what happened at the meeting, what will happen next week, and the general gossip and talking of the village.


  • Morning: Go to my farm
  • 7-9pm Homework Club with the kids
  • 7-8pm Family Devotions


  • Town Day: Meet with ministries and departments to discuss things happening in the village and to get help with projects
  • 7-8pm Family Devotions


  • Morning: Go to my farm
  • 7-9pm Homework Club with the kids
  • 7-8pm Family Devotions


  • Morning: Go to my farm
  • 7-9pm Homework Club with the kids
  • 7-8pm Family devotions


  • Rugby day in town. I always watch our villages team, the Narocake All Blacks and then do some shopping for the week, use the internet in town, etc.
  • 2-4pm meet with the womens group at the community hall to do various activities


  • 5-6am morning church/prayer. I never go to this one. Its too early. Sundays drain me of energy anyway.
  • 9-10. Sunday school for the kids which I don’t go to either.
  • 10-12ish. The main morning church service at the Methodist Church.
  • 12-1:30 everyone has their big Sunday lunches and takes a rest
  • 2pm Choir Practice at the church
  • 4pm afternoon church service
  • 6pm dinners with families/family groups
  • 7pm grog. On Sundays no grog is allowed to be consumed before the afternoon church service is over so after church is out everyone is ready to sit down for a few bilos  and relax.

Monthly Activities:

  • Bose va Koro: Village meeting. Usually the 1st Monday of every month at 8pm but it just depends on the month and the village schedule
  • Cakacaka ni Koro: village work week- the first month of every week where things like  grass cutting, village maintenance and construction activities occur.

Unplanned Activities:

  • Meetings- these happen whenever they seem to be convenient or all the right people are in the village at the same time
  • Workshops- usually at night when people are  present in the village
  • Sunning my mats, bedding and clothing. This depends on the weather and can’t be done on a Sunday. I place all my materials put in the sun for hours to kill bugs, stop mold from forming, and “clean” them.
  • Washing clothes- This depends on the weather as well.
  • Teach English to our pastor who is taking a test to become a minister in May. I usually go over 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours to help him. After his test in may he is going to help me with my Fijian.
  • Beach Clean ups.
  • Visiting other peoples farms
  • Family visits to reinforce information given during workshops.

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