Genesis 1:28
Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”

So I have gotten more involved in the Methodist Church here in the village for numerous reasons. Mainly I miss singing and the village thinks its weird not to go to church. So that being said, I now go to the Methodist Youth Fellowship meetings on Monday nights. Last week was a singing competition between the groups which was really fun, and tonight was a bible study. After our sessions we have grog at the Valekau, the wooden “fellowship hall” behind the pastors place. Well this week, the guy that did the bible study stayed and talked during the grog. I was listening to what he was saying but only caught bits and pieces because he was talking really fast. Well, I asked for clarification on something from my neighbor who was sitting next to me which was a HUGE mistake.

Turns out the guy said that men have dominion over 99% of stuff in the world, and women have 1%. What the, pardon my french, Fuck. He got his theory from the fact that its written in the bible that women were created from 1 rib of Adam, therefore we have 1 % of man who was given dominion over the land and sea, to govern and make decisions. Therefore, we have 1% of that power. Now call it feminism or whatever you like, but I take the interpretation of that passage to mean mankind, including women, are given dominion over the land, sea, etc, etc. We got into a heated discussion about what the passage means, and what a lot of other passages in then bible mean. I was, naturally, extremely frustrated and hurt by this interpretation of the bible countering that God created women to make men whole. Duh, men cant repopulate the earth on their own. And we have women in political positions of power, in areas of power over land and sea regulations and monitoring, so even if that power was originally given to men, that era has long passed. This conversation went on for about an hour ending with me stating that it is 50/50. Because based on his theory, even though I have a degree in Environmental Science which should give me more power and “dominion” over land and sea, he claims that just based on his gender.

Well naturally this conversation turned to marriage and they asked me if I could/would marry a Fijian. I said that I can, and I would only marry the person I felt I was truly in love with and could happily continue a life with forever. I would marry when or if I ever found that person, telling them I would be completely happy being unmarried until I was in my 40s if that be the case. This means that no man in my life is going to claim 99% of anything leaving me the 1% of childbearing and cleaning, what is this the 1920s? Our pastor got involved with the conversation, who is incredibly attractive and has asked me to marry him by the way, stating that that is the Fijian way. To which I quickly retorted, well then I will never marry a Fijian which sent to room into an uproar over his statement and mine considering they have attempted to get us hitched for a while.

After the grog session, I was approached by a few people stating (jokingly) that I am only 1% of them and many many others stating that they would happily be in a 50/50 relationship for me. I was also handed a Women’s Devotion Bible which I thought was funny, I guess I’m not yet a good Fijian girl…

Its situations like this that I like to think I am teaching them a little bit about what life is like in America. But it usually ends up making me look like a total freak. The guy who did the bible study approached me and said thank you, and invited me to have a biblical discussion with the pastor and him one day soon. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was scared.



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4 responses to “Absurdities

  1. Marcia

    No way are you weird! You go girl! This was hysterical!

  2. Marcia

    Happy valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks so much for the references PT! I will definitely bring that up at our next session. I was so shocked when they interpreted for me, I just had this look of utter disgust on my face and he said, “Do you have a different opinion?” to which I replied, “Absolutely, however I don’t know if it is the best thing for me to express that right now.” Then they all encouraged me and the discussion began. I am so thankful for Ascension because I can actually stand my ground on issues like this which makes me so much more of a “competitor” in these types of conversations which have been popping up more and more frequently now. And you are completely right, some things transcend cultural boundaries and just need to be said. I’m glad my village likes me enough to tolerate my vastly different opinion!

      • Samantha, I am glad that your village likes you enough- but then of course they like you. What’s not to like?

        Also, thanks for the gracious way in which you are willing to stand your ground.

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