Nighty Night!

Sleep Tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

I think I have heard this rhyme at least a thousand times in my life. Even after hearing it that many times, I never actually was worried about getting bitten by bed bugs. Well, now I have them. And my back is marvelously covered in red bites where the little demons have sucked my blood in the middle of the night. Wonderful.

In case you didn’t know, bed bug bites are incredibly itchy and annoying. It’s even more awesome when half the village stops by to check out your back and mutter, “oi lei lewa” (lewa is a shortened form of yalewa that means woman, itis an affectionate term said from older women to younger women or a slightly possessive sounding word when a man calls you noqu lewa “my woman”).

I’ve had my fair share of buggy experiences which haven’t really bothered me. The animal kingdom taking residence in my house at any given time includes; lizards, wasps, myna birds, the occasional chicken that flies in, ants, cockroaches, mice, spiders, frogs, crickets, caterpillars, and crabs. I get it, their presence is fine. But bed bugs? The one place you go to take sanctuary, my mosquito net covered fortress, my bed. That is the icing on the cake.

I’ve had the bites now for 5 days and nothing will make them go away or stop itching, I’ve been popping bennies (my affectionate name for benadryl) every day, but those suckers just make me so tired that I end up napping. Getting rid of these demons is even worse. I have sunned all of my bedding (mattress, sheets, pillows, mosquito net) every day for the past 5 days for upwards of 8 hours. Just yesterday Luisa took me out on a walk to find a leaf that she called the vulavulakaka to put under my mattress and above my mosquito net that is supposed to make them flee your bed immediately. Well last night, right before going to sleep Ben from Nubu came by and told me that those were a different type of leaf than the ones he had used before. Angst. So now I have leaves all under and over my bed, which, don’t get me wrong it provides a nice ambiance, but isn’t getting rid of any bugs. Today, I am boiling water and washing all my stuff in the hottest water I can muster. Ben is going to gather the other types of leaves, but if this doesn’t go away soon, I am going to spend a few nights up in Nubu just to get a full nights sleep without these mini vampires sucking my blood.

So to all you back home, Nightly night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! And enjoy the fact that they probably wont.


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