Storms and Mekes!

Two nights ago I expereinced the most incredible and powerful thunderstorm ever. Our group had just gotten back from our center day in Nausori, and I mean literally just stepped out of the van in front of our village when the rain started to dump. And I mean DUMP.  I live like 4 houses away from where the drrop of is, and by the time I had gotten back to my house I was absolutely drenched in rainwater (a welcome feeling from being drenched in sweat I might add…). I went into my house and went to study language in my room when the first lightning stike hit.  (I have to add here that thunderstorms are my absolute favorite weather).  When the thunder first rolled it was off in the distance, but still extremely powerful. About 2 sets of lightning and thunder later the storm was directly overhead and shaking our house. We have a tin roof so the sound of the rain is amplified exponentially.  I was sitting there and suddenly, with one of the most violent thunder shakes I have ever felt, the power went out. I had cocooned myself up in my mosquito net fortress to study and with the sudden darkness, flailed around trying to find my headlamp. Finally I found it and all was well in the mosquito net.  The power came back on eventually and the storm continued to roll. We found out the next day that the pipes had burst so we had to take our water from our rain barrel systems for the  day until they were fixed. That meant that I got to stay all hot and sweaty until the shower worked again…

On Friday we had our first culture day where we went to one of our groups villages for a feast, some lessons on cultural adaptations and activities, and we finished the night off with a performance from our PCTs of a traditional Fijian meke and tralala. It was so much fun to see our fellow volunteers learning dances and all decked out in their matching sulu jabas! My mom gave me a shiny orange sulu jamba (matching sulu skirt and shirt) to wear and I got a ton of compliments on it (reirei vinaka or “it looks nice!”. We host our cultural afternoon in 3 more weeks so we have some time to prepare!

Well here are some mish-mash pictures from the beginning of this PST experience.  A more complete album is on facebook if you are interested in checking it out!

Moce vinaka!




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2 responses to “Storms and Mekes!

  1. Tracey Mason

    Hi it’s me again…

    I just wanted to comment that you need someone to instruct you on the taking of a bucket bath… it’s a life saver! Especially on Saturdays when everyone does laundry and hogs all the water pressure.


    • Bucket baths are quite glorious, and after having the water fun out on me I have definitely learned how to rock the bucket bath! Its still shockingly cold though, you would think that after sweating all day, a cold shower would be a welcomed event…

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